Wide Selection. One Focus. 

Trust your cardioplegia solutions to CAPS. 

Cardiac surgery is a high-risk procedure that requires a carefully orchestrated team of doctors, nurses, and perfusionists working in concert to provide precise care.

As a leader in the industry, CAPS offers Cardioplegia with the highest quality standards, including batch level release testing and extended beyond use dating.

Test, Hold and Release® (THR®) is CAPS' quality assurance program in response to the cGMP level standards created by the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) for 503B facilities engaged in batched compounding without a prescription. Our existing high-quality standards are further strengthened with Test, Hold and Release implementation. When it comes to patient safety and your reputation, CAPS believes that THR for every batch, every day is the only way to assure the level of quality you deserve.

CAPS' Cardioplegia service offering:  

  • Blood Cardioplegia Formulas
  • Crystalloid Cardioplegia Formulas
  • del Nido formula
  • Microplegia