CAPS® Compliance Program

CAPS is committed to conducting our business with the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. It is our intent that CAPS be continuously recognized for not only our outstanding services, but also for the manner in which we consistently conduct our business, and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. As part of the B. Braun group of companies in the U.S., CAPS has adopted a comprehensive Compliance Program, which reaffirms our long-standing commitment to these core values.

Compliance Resources

Description Document Link
Comprehensive Compliance Program
pdf (30.6 KB)
AdvaMed 'Sunshine Brochure for Physicians'
pdf (312.9 KB)
AdvaMed 'Sunshine Brochure for Teaching Hospitals'
pdf (312.9 KB)
AdvaMed Code of Ethics (PDF)
pdf (107.6 KB)

CAPS is committed to conduct its business on an honest and ethical basis and to operate in compliance with the intent and spirit of those laws and rules that relate to our business and dealings with our customers, suppliers, competitors and government agencies. If you want to report a compliance violation on an anonymous basis, please call the CAPS hotline, 1-800-300-1863. A non-CAPS employee from a third party will ask you questions about the alleged violation and will report your answers to the Chief Compliance Officer. Your call will be addressed as timely as possible, through an anonymous numbering system to protect your identity.

You may also contact the Chief Compliance Officer directly at 1-800-523-9676, ext. 4581.