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Pre-filled Anesthesia Syringes


Count on CAPS®

Pre-filled Anesthesia Syringes from CAPS are easy to order, and come in the most frequently used drug concentrations and fill volumes. CAPS anesthesia syringe line come with standard ASTM color coded labels and tamper-evident caps for safety and convenience.

Reduce medication errors in the Operating Room, improve efficiency and reduce waste by outsourcing pre-filled, pre-labeled anesthesia syringes from CAPS. With pharmacy workloads pushed to the limit and increased focus on safe labeling and ready-to use drug systems by The Joint Commission (TJC) utilizing CAPS for your anesthesia syringe production can be a smart choice.

Whether you are a hospital or outpatient surgery provider, consider CAPS for your pre-filled anesthesia syringe needs. CAPS anesthesia syringes come with extended BUD and are sized to fit conveniently in your anesthesia cart or automated dispensing cabinet.