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CRRT Solutions


Count on CAPS®

Standardized CRRT Solutions delivered to you.

Order online for delivery of Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) admixtures.  With hospital pharmacy workloads pushed to the limit, allow CAPS to compound your CRRT preparations . CAPS offers  two day delivery. Overnight options are also available.

When CRRT is needed, it can be a challenge to redirect internal IV room resources for this time consuming  process.  Count on CAPS to help you manage these resources efficiently, so you can provide CRRT solutions in a timely manner .

CAPS will partner with you to develop a customized CRRT service agreement that gives you flexibility and control.

CAPS has extensive quality assurance procedures for both stability and sterility, so you can trust the Compounded Sterile Preparations (CSPs) received from CAPS are what you ordered.   We offer CRRT preparations with extended Beyond Use Dating (BUD) so you can store solutions in anticipation of need, resulting in  better turnaround and inventory control.

Dependability, quality and performance make the difference when critical solutions are needed.  Give CAPS a call to learn more about our customized CRRT service.

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